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Selling System

How Much Money are You Leaving on the Table?

Selling System

Engineered for efficiency

The Dealer Owned Selling System was created to facilitate making the maximum amount of money from F & I product sales. Using a revolutionary algorithm that factors in deal structure, ownership review, historical data and more, the system predicts which products customers will see the most value in utilizing.

  • Tablet-Based Presentation

    Tablet-Based Presentation

    We use large display tablets to present the customer options digitally. This replacement of paper menus is fast becoming the industry standard.

  • Digital Ownership Review

    Digital Ownership Review

    The interview process has gone digital. Information gathered is automatically used to determine which products fit the customer’s needs.

  • DMS/Admin Integration

    DMS/Admin Integration

    Our selling system fully integrates with most DMS providers as well as directly with our Administration System. Most DMS systems support pull and push technology, which prevents double entry of customer vehicle information. The Sales tool also integrates fully with our admin system, allowing for immediate rating of all enrolled products.

  • Integrated Sales Tools

    Integrated Sales Tools

    Integrated sales tools make identifying value and customer needs easy while displaying visuals in a much cleaner and simpler fashion.

  • Digital/E-Contracting


    Our system produces PDF’s for all products sold, which are compiled for future retrieval along with any sales tools used during the presentation. The system also allows for quick and easy signature capture and stores customer authorizations indefinitely on remote servers.