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Selling System

The DOWC® Selling System provides the following benefits and tools:

Tablet-based presentations & integrated sales tools

Our Selling System allows dealers to deliver customer menus on smart devices in order to streamline presentations and ensure that dealers are able to quickly and effectively close every deal. Our robust menu system and integrated sales tools minimize the time dealers spend in the office in front of a computer, so they can focus on creating a satisfying experience for their customers. Using a revolutionary algorithm, our Selling System predicts what products customers will see the most value in by factoring in deal structure, ownership review, historical data, and more.

Digital Ownership Review

Our Selling System also allows customers to execute customer interviews on smart devices to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.


Contracts are then produced as PDFs to eliminate impact printer forms and allow for the immediate, compliant reporting of contract sales through complete integration with our Administration System and most Dealer Management Systems.